Who is Zach danz?

Zachary Danz is a fourth-year Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia studying Computer Science and Astronomy through the College of Arts and Sciences. His focus of study is a self-made Game Design curriculum --interdisciplinary across programming classes, electronic music composition, computer animation, computational mathematics, and storytelling. Additionally, his current research is in Virtual Reality and its virtues. He is currently working as a Software Engineering Intern at Big Huge Games. He hopes to continue exploring the video games industry through gainful employment into his graduation year, 2018 and beyond.

In his free time, Zach is the Vice President of UVA's Student Game Developers; the primary purposes of the organization are to develop and educate collegiate game makers, designers, programmers, musicians, artists, producers, and storytellers and to create amazing games. As the Vice President, Zach's primary duties are in assisting the President in the running of the club; additionally Zach oversees the Executive Board, organizes game jams, and facilitates club travels as well as funding. Though Student Game Developers, Zach has led several projects, which can be explored on the Games tab.

Zach can be reached at the email: zachdanz (at) virginia (dot) edu