Winter Wizard Pro Skater 3: Exploring this Snowy Sisyphusian dreamscape

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So here is some progress on the gamejam. As you can see, the wizard is looking goooooooooood. It's hard to tell with the strange tiling error remnanted into the gif, but the wizard has skates now (AND ANIMATION!), which is pretty amazing. We've also added ramps, obstacles, proper acceleration, and this sweeeeet background! It's been a great 7 days working with the team since the last post, even with finals starting to get in the way.

Last time, Taylor wanted do talk about some physics so I'll give that a go. So we decided on this 2D because 3D physics are really hard and not very rewarding for what we wanted, so I believe this is in 3D but with very limited 6axis, ergo 2D. In terms of acceleration, once the player begins, the wizard wants to go go go! But this is up to the player; we have 4 main "speed classes": 1) idle, 2) trot, 3) gallop, and 4) turbo!

There's no true incentive yet for the player to slow down, but once hitting an obstacle becomes punitive, the player will probably want to slow the wizard down to navigate them. Next, probably diversity of art assets, more obstacles, enemies?, and tricks! There are also whispers of our brave wizard getting some new swag...

Thanks for reading!