So I made a website: READ.ME

Hello world!

Maybe a little on the nose, but I didn't want to jump right into the deep end here, so I'm just going to write for a little bit about how I made this site as it stands now, what I plan on doing, what my intentions are for it. Let's get to know each other a little better...

Right now there are 5 tabs: Work, Resume, About, Blog, and Contact. I plan to have my various completed, as well as current projects projected on the Work page, with each of those leading to a more detailed canvas. Resume is pretty straight forward, albeit I don't love the way it's formatted right now; I'm going to try to figure out something better for that. About currently has a tiny chunk from my mission statement as well as my intended major (CS) and minor (ASTR). I'd love to expand that a little, but right now the projects are most important. Contact contains a sheet for people, employers?, fans?,... to fill out if they wish to contact me. Those go straight to my mailbox, dogeared and everything!

Finally, theres this blog. Here I plan on writing some articles about the things I see that inspire me: art, video games, music, general knowledge, sculpture? who knows! It's all really exciting to be honest! I also plan to write some articles about what I've learned from my various projects, hoping that visitors find those enlightening and that an open discussion might spark constructive thought and criticism. I always invite criticism!

So yeah, mainly this site is to facilitate my conversations with potential employers and to help me curate my content to them as well as to the general public, should anyone be so inclined.