Idle Thumbs!

Idle thumbs plugged my website in their Squarespace section! What a bunch of great guys! Thanks thumbs! 

On a related note, I thought I would talk about my experience talking extensively with Chris Remo (of Idle thumbs). I emailed Chris, oh man, probably two or three years ago now as I began aspiring to make digital music, and he offered me a lot of great advise. We talked for a long time about which programs he uses and which he prefers or dislikes, as well as his actual writing process. We also talk for a while about what equipment he uses, precessing, effects, et al. All of this was after Gone Home had come out, so it couldn't of been that long ago, but I was an awkward highschooler then, and to have someone you look up to both musically and intellectually not just acknowledge but assist you across the internet --It was ground breaking for me. So in addition to thanking the whole gang of wizards, I want to thank Chris especially.

Thanks Chris Remo!