Kin is a 2D open-world, action-adventure role-playing game where players explore a fictional New World as an order of European monks. Players can befriend the natives, discover terrible and primordial secrets, collect resources for the order, build structures, craft runes to augment their sword, and slay ancient gods. Time is ticking and if it should run out before the player defeats the pantheon, everything will be for naught! 

As Director, it has been my pleasure to oversee this project; it's themes; the design of its systems and mechanics; all writing and storytelling; and all musical, artistic, and aesthetics as well as to lead all programming and development. On Kin, I enforce a strict hierarchy of team structure and source controller and work to achieve the proper balance between passionate exploration of new ideas and implementation of known design patterns life abstract factories, singletons, the observer, and builder. All the work that follows represents the efforts of a single semester of work by my team of just under 30 individuals through Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.

Open World Navigation & COmbat

Day-Night Cycle

Using ambient lighting in unity, we can dynamically change the light present in the scene while the normal mapping of custom materials on all the game objects reflects that light appropriately. This is all part of our much larger Time System, which can be seen by the calendar wheel UI element placed permanently in the bottom right of the screen. With each passing day, each death, and each level-up it draws closer to the end of the cycle and the end of the game.



Night with dynamic glow around player

Night with dynamic glow around player

Players can use mouse and keyboard or an xbox 360 controller to navigate the avatar around the game world, roll, interact with people and objects, and attack.


Fight Bosses

To level up these skills, craft runes or potions, upgrade buildings, read script on monuments or tombs, and explore the lore and stories of these mysterious lands, the players must communicate with members of their order --trainers, smiths, and priests --and they must learn the language of the natives.

In Kin, the primary goal for players is to slay the old gods that rule the lands there to strengthen their own faith. By fighting and slaying bosses, the players gains the means to increase their skills: constitution, stamina, might, and wisdom.

Ixtab, the Goddess of Suicide

Ixtab, the Goddess of Suicide


In Kin, players can level up any of 4 stats: Health, Stamina, Strength and Wisdom for both the Order and the Player. Levels for the order are lesser but they persist beyond death, while levels for the player are monumental but are lost on death. This requires the player to negotiate what the best choice is for his or her style of play and proficiency. 

Rain on the coast

Rain on the coast

The player talking to Adelito, the trainer of Might.

The player talking to Adelito, the trainer of Might.


Mouse and Keyboard

WASD / Arrows = Movement

Space = Attack/Select Menu

E = Interact/Talk/Select Level Up

R = Roll/Close Menu

Y = Drink Potion

ESC = Pause

XBOX 360 Controller

Arrow/Left Stick = Movement

A = Attack/Select Menu

X = Interact/Talk/Select Level Up

B = Roll/Close Menu

Y = Drink Potion

Start/Middle = Pause


Zach Danz - Director
Jackson Ekis - Director

~Fall 2016~

Artificial Intelligence

Trad Groover - Lead
Jack Herd - Senior Programmer
Kenneth Chen - Senior Programmer
Mac Sochor - Programmer
Rashid Lasker - Programmer
Joshua Roy - Programmer
Julian McClinton - Programmer

User Interface

Ryan McCamper - Senior Programmer
Jared Capelle - Programmer


Reid Bixler - Lead
Laura Maimon - Senior Programmer
Katharine Xie - Programmer
Lauren Phan - Programmer
Skylar Spears - Programmer
Paul Lee - Programmer
Arpit Rupakhetee - Programmer

Music & Sound

Brian Burke - Lead
Christian Lastova - Senior Audio Designer
Fred Zhao - Audio Designer


Julian McClinton - Lead
Lillian Herrell - Character Artist
Kayla Schroff - Environment Artist
Jennifer Wu - Artist
William Wong - Artist

Design & Writing

Robert Anton - Lead
Brandon Bright - Senior Designer
William Wong - Designer
Thaqeb Chowdhury - Designer
Charles "Chuck" Crum - Writer
Mike Doeren - Writer

~Spring 2017~


Robert Anton - Lead
William Wong - Senior Designer
Brandon Bright - Senior Designer
Skylar Spears - Senior Designer
Thaqeb Chowdhury - Senior Designer
Mike Doeren - Designer


Julian McClinton - Lead Aesthetics and Artist
Brian Burke - Composer
William Wong - Senior Artist
Lillian Herrell - Artist
Kayla McCampbell - Artist



Laura Maimon - Lead
Jared Capelle - Lead
Trad Groover - Senior Programmer
Rashid Lasker - Senior Programmer
Kenneth Chen - Senior Programmer
Julian McClinton - Senior Programmer
Christian Lastova - Programmer
Hasan Khan - Programmer
Andrew Walsh - Programmer
Noah Kim - Programmer
Dillon Cook - Programmer
Katharine Xie - Programmer
Corey Chen - Programmer
Abey Koolipurackal - Programmer