Big Huge Games – Software Engineering Intern (Timonium, MD) -> May 2017 – August 2017

  • Full stack engineering in Unity C# on an R&D prototype mobile title with a focus in systems and front-end UI programming as well as server-side and network layer scripting
  • Engineered custom engine tools to facilitate video capture, asset manipulation, and cinematography

University of Virginia, Computer Science Department & Architecture School – Teaching Assistants (Charlottesville, VA) -> January 2017 – present

  • Head TA CS 4730: Game Design with focus on both the design and technical aspects of creating a game, from concept inception and prototyping through coding and playtesting. This course is taught using Unity 2017. I hold office hours, run labs, create assignments, and grade projects as well as assignments.

  • Head TA CS 2150: Program & Data Representation, educating students through C++ and x86 core data structures including arrays, vectors, linked lists, trees, heaps, hash maps, and graphs from high level concepts to machine level implementation as well as traversal methods and runtime analysis. I hold office hours, run labs, create assignments, and grade projects & tests.

  • TA ARCH 5424: Direct Cinema Media Fabrics, using Java and Processing for artistic exploration of space, camera movement, and fabric. As a workshop and seminar, key concepts include direct cinema; video, data sensors, arduino, and computer vision; and media as fabric. I held office hours, assisted students during class, designed assignments, and graded all projects.

  • TA CS 1110: Introduction to Computer Science, UVA's premier course in rudimentary computer science learnings, basic debugging techniques, regular expressions, and Python. I held office hours, ran labs, created assignments, and graded projects as well as assignments.

Castle Hill Gaming – Junior Programmer (Charlottesville, VA) -> May 2016 – August 2016

  • Programed in ActionScript 3 with Starling (Flash) and the .NET stack, primarily Visual Basic and C++ as well as XML for inter and intra app communication.
  • Designed, programmed, and fully implemented an internal tool to build ready-to-release game drives by selecting valid combinations of
    platform, game client, and game(s) from an SQL database
  • Unit-tested for internal changes and bug fixes; Quality assurance experience and compiled release notes for 3rd party certification

Hoos-Out – Lead UI / UX Designer (Charlottesville, VA) -> August 2015 – December 2015

  • Lead Design of user interface and experience for Hoos-Out
  • Programmed in Javascript, HTML, and CSS via Cordova to bring the app to both Android and iOS simultaneously
  • Lead business and social-hub geographic triangulation program within the application

UVA Clark Library – Page (Charlottesville, VA) -> July 2015 – May 2016

  • Shelved, repaired, found, and catalogued books, journals, and current periodicals
  • Lead revamp of 4th year thesis presentation and organization methodology

Byrd Information Technology – Technician (Roanoke, VA) -> August 2011 – June 2014

  • Diagnosed hardware malfunctions and software issues for educational clients
  • Dismantled and repaired PCs, MacBooks, monitors, tablets, smartphones, and others


Ludum Dei – Game Jam Host, Programmer, Composer (Charlottesville, VA) -> April 21 – 24, 2017

  • Systems programming, with a focus in AI pathfinding and barking, resource management, and dynamic terrain management.
  • UI programming with emphasis on ease of use
  • Composition of soundtrack and audio design

J. Weatherman Jr. – Game Jam Host, Senior Programmer, Composer (Charlottesville, VA) -> April 21 – 24, 2017

  • Programmed systemic, dynamic, weather simulator emulating real-world weather patterns and prediction methods
  • 3D Unity raycasting, object manipulation and animation, multi-state machines, UI, and save games
  • Composition of minimalistic soundscape and effects

Kin – Director (Charlottesville, VA) -> September 2016 – May 2017

  • Lead programming, design, aesthetic, artistic, audio, producer, and quality assurance on a team of over 40 individuals towards the creation of a fully fledged, polished, released video game from scratch

Rained In – Game Jam Host, Senior Programmer (Charlottesville, VA) -> October 21 – 23, 2016

  • Designed and programmed (Unity and C#) the game overworld and all related systems including room activation, player movement, save controllers,
    inventory management, animations, scene transitions, interactions, and UI
  • Designed and programmed a rhythm minigame and all related scripts
  • Dedicated to mentoring younger programmers and helping them realize their minigames.

Momentum – Lead Designer, UI and Systems Programmer (Charlottesville, VA) -> December 2015 – May 2016

  •  Spear-headed game, level, systems, and overall design for 2D, minimalist, physics-based, puzzle platformer
  •  Wrote mechanical scripts for pausing resource and basic gameplay loop
  • Programmed user interface, resource depiction, and main menu screens

Winter Wizard Pro Skater – Junior Programmer (Winter Wizard Game Jam, Idle Thumbs) -> November 2015 – December 2015

  • Programmed physical ramp interaction and animations
  • Solved a myriad of bugs, edge-case tested and integrated systems cohesively

ViewPort – Composer and Lead Sound Designer, Level Designer (Charlottesville, VA) -> August 2015 – January 2016

  • Composed electronic, dance, high-resultion melody and base-driven menu and in-game tracks
  • Lead a team of other sound composers and edited their works in to final form
  • Employed software like Garage Band, Spear, Max MSP, and Audacity to integrate game and soundscape
  • Worked building levels and integrating systems in Unity

PwC Case Competition  Champion (Charlottesville, VA) -> October 2015 – December 2015

  • National Semi-Finalist: proposed a tax strategy for a mobile app publishing company's expansion plan, focused on viable nations to
    expand to and how to reduce tax liability for IP-related revenues
  • Worked on a team of four other students from a wide spectrum of disciplines, ethnicities, and backgrounds


Student Game Developers – Vice President (VP), Previously External Relations Officers (ERO)

As Vice President of Student Game Developers, my primary duties are in assisting the President in the day-to-day running of the club. However, above and beyond the administrative swamp the President busies himself with, my duties extend to the creation and maintenance of the future development of the club. The majority of my time is spent helping our members gain practical game-development skills towards career opportunities; to this end, I organize game jams as well as travel to games industry conferences like GDC. I am pursuing ways for Student Game Developers at UVA to practically explore Virtual Reality.

Previously, as the External Relations Officer of the Student Game Developers at UVA, my job was to foster new relationships with industry experts, to continue and facilitate communications between alumni and current members, to lead all time-limited game jams, and to invite, entice, and encourage industry speakers, recruiters, and well-connected alumni to return to the university and assist SGD and its members in our ongoing mission to educate, learn, design, develop, and -in general- game.

Lighting of the Lawn – Master of Coin, Previously Webmaster

As Master of Coin, I am in charge of all fundraising, cosponsorships, and spending of our nearly $50,000 budget, all acquired through personal donations or by grants from and sponsorships with charitable groups. I lead a subcommittee of around a dozen other students for these purposes. 

After originally being asked to join by the committee chairs (most members are applicants) to fill the role of Webmaster in 2016, I revamped Lighting of the Lawn (LOTL)'s web presence, including all of their social media and rearchitected their website (previous wordpress). Under the new, highly extensible system, LOTL will be able to persist the site and easily update its contents. Further administration should be easy, even for the technologically illiterate.

Class of 2018 Trustees – Webmaster

As Webmaster, I am responsible for the creation and lead administration of all web, mobile, and social media presence for the Class of 2018 Fourth Year Trustees at the University of Virginia.