Dear Thatgamecompany,

I am currently a 4th year working to attain a BA in computer science at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. At the University, I am the Vice-President of our Student Game Developers (SGD) club, which hosts 6-7 projects per semester and has over 130 active student and alumni members. Under my direction, we are focused not just on making great games but on making great game makers as well.

I have worked this summer as a full stack Software Engineering Intern on an unreleased Unity project in C# at Big Huge Games. During my time at the studio, my primary duties were working as a highly generalized engineer on an as-yet unreleased mobile game prototype. On the team I was, at times, the only engineer working with the design team to build up highly extensible systems. Using Unity’s entity-component system in practice, I was able to satisfy the designers needs not just to be able to change data on the fly but to be able to mix and match functionalities for different entities in the game. I was tasked with everything from systems implementation to front-end UI and UX to refactoring our networking layer to backend server operations.

In Student Game Developers I have directed and programmed on nearly a dozen personal Unity projects, leading and overseeing over 30 other students for a year at a time; many of these projects can be explored on my website. During my time at Big Huge Games, I worked in a small group of around a dozen highly skilled engineers, artists, designers, and producers in very fast sprints to prototype and prove out ideas for potential mobile games.

I currently a TA for CS2150: Program and Data Structures, UVA’s course in C++ and x86 assembly with a focus on core data structures, as well as CS 4730: Game Design, focusing on swift prototyping in Unity and C# with VS through Git. For both of these, I hold office hours and run numerous labs throughout the week in order to facilitate students’ understanding of key concepts and help them explore new ones and succeed.  Previously, I have also held a Teaching Assistant position for CS 1110, UVA’s introductory course in programming fundamentals, taught in Python and also ARCH 5424, a graduate-level course focused on interactive media, computer vision, Processing, and Java. 

It would be a dream-come-true to work at Thatgamecompany. I really love the work you all do and I think it's incredibly important to the emotional growth of the industry. Flower and Journey are some of my favorite games ever, so I would relish the chance to work for you all! Thank you for your consideration.

Zachary Danz