ViewPort - a play on perspective

ViewPort (link to game here!) is a 2-to-4-player single-screen video game where players compete for control over the screen. Players begin selecting their sphere (concept art, below) and an arena (Unity screenshots, right). Once the stage loads, the real fun begins when one of the players picks up the "viewport" object, making the screen move with respect to them at the center. It is their goal to defeat other players by moving such that they fall out of view. If a character leaves the field of view, they are defeated and their play for the match is over! Meanwhile, other players pick up powerups, navigate the labyrinth, and vie for control of the viewport. Matches are intended to last anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 seconds!



One of the most important and difficult parts about developing Viewport was making sure the arenas felt when they were played; keeping a balance between making the arenas feel neither too spaced out nor too constricted was a difficult task, but Unity's simple scene editing tools made it easy to tweak the arenas to play-tester feedback.


Creating objects that the players can interacte with in the arenas proved to be a key way of bringing the game to life. Rather than just focusing on the player vs. player aspect of the game, objects in the arenas can sometimes shift the game's focus towards player vs. arena and give the players more verbs with which to interact with the space and each other, giving the game a whole new dimension.


Another way that Viewport keeps up the action is with power-ups, which affect the game significantly when a player grabs them. A few example power-ups are: increased speed, increased size, and the shield. However, there are also power-downs, such as slow-speed or decreased size. Some power-downs may not always be bad things. For example, with decreased size, one can more easily evade other players who attempt to hit your sphere to steal the Viewport, but it will also be harder to hit others if you are lacking the Viewport. In this way, both power-up and -downs become weapons of opportunity.

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